Weekly Menu 9/1 – 9/7

I have found that over time it is a cost savings to plan a menu each week.  I used to go haphazardly into the grocery store and just buy whatever my ninja heart would desire.  I always ended up wasting food and months down the road finding something cool I bought but had completely forgotten about.  Plus, I shop at the commissary.  They have amazing prices but the produce and meat are not always the most fresh.  I have found planning one week at a time cuts down on the food that goes bad.  I always freeze my meat from there unless I am using it within two days.  I don’t care what the sell by date says, commissary meat goes bad really fast.  That’s government contracts for you.

This week’s menu is………..

Pork Chops in a Sour Cream Sauce
Mashed Potatoes and Cornbread (Leftover from chili night)

Mexican Rotisserie Chicken
Broccoli Rice and Peas

Chicken Tacos
Ranch Beans

Tortellini with Spaghetti Sauce
Garlic Bread and Baked Potatoes

Baked Chicken Breasts
Green Bean Casserole and Cheese Noodles

Broccoli and Squash

Grilled Chicken Quarters
Corn and Carrots

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