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Steak Night

I love steak.  I could eat it a few nights a week but unfortunately, I’m not a baller so I can’t afford it as often as I would like.  I have found a way to make a cheap steak for those of you that want to eat cheap like a ninja.  When you go to your grocery store, look for Chuck Steak and not the steak cut from chuck roast.  When I purchase it here, it is $2.29 a lb and I consider that to be a bargain when compared to $10.99 a lb or more for ribeye or New York strip.  If you take the time to season this steak well, it will be quite tasty and still pretty tender.  I have a needle meat tenderizer that I use so if you want to eat cheap meats like a ninja, pick one up.  Here is one like the one I have, Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer .  It’s cheap and gets the job done like a ninja should.


Here are my steaks.  These for steaks were less than $5 dollars.  That is a ninja steal!  I have seasoned them with a good bit of salt, pepper, and a tad bit of garlic powder.


I have the squash soaking in milk getting ready for the fry of their life.


This is the breading for the squash.  It is 1/2 cup each of flour and corn meal.  Then I would guess about 3 tablespoons of Tony’s Cajun seasoning.


I nice pumpkin beer while we wait.


Squash is all fried up.  Ninja circles.


I forgot to take my camera outside while I was grilling.  Here are the steaks right off the grill.  I used my Bubba Keg and grilled them 3 minutes per side at 600 degrees.


This is the plate I fixed for my mini ninja.  He likes his steak a little more done and I have to cut it to bite sized pieces or he won’t even eat it.  One day he will become a ninja like me.