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Frugality with your Vegetable Scraps

Everyone loves to save money.  If you don’t, then you are not a part of my ninja clan.  One way you can save money in the kitchen is to save all of your vegetable scraps.  This will also lead to some good eats (Alton Brown oh yeah!).  I make soup quite often as it is an easy meal and it leaves you with a simple feel good kind of feeling.  A lot of soup recipes call for chicken stock as a base but you can always substitute vegetable stock and if you must, add some chicken flavor boost or some chicken broth to get that chicken kind of flavor.  Whenever I cut up an onion, carrot, celery, etc, I put the scraps in a zip lock bag and throw it far into the freezer and save it for a soup filled day.  You can take this bag of scraps and boil it for about an hour and develop some deep flavors to add to all of your soups or any recipe calling for stock.


Here is my stock pot full of leftover vegetables that would have just been thrown out.


My stock after I strained it.  This will be going into some broccoli cheese soup later instead of chicken stock.